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Ford 4R100 Transmission Repair Fort Lauderdale Fl 

4r100 transmissions fort lauderdale flIt is not very difficult to find a repair shop promising goo 4R100 transmission repair solutions, but it is very difficult to find one that truly delivers what they are promising. If you are located in Fort Lauderdale and you are looking for a 4R100 transmission specialist, look no further – Paul’s Transmission shop is one of the best shops in this area. With the help of Paul’s Transmission you will be able to improve the performance of your transmission and your vehicle an on top of that, you will get a chance to upgrade the 4R100 transmission. But, what exactly is 4R100 transmission?

This transmission system is a heavy duty 4-speed automatic transmission often found in rear-wheel drive vehicles that have 7.3 liter diesel engine. This system was revealed in 1999 and replaced in 2003. According to many experts this transmission is among the 15 toughest transmission options on the market. It is excellent for trucks towing a heavy load. When it comes to maintenance, the 4R100 transmission is the same like the rest of the transmissions and must be regularly maintained. However, sometimes even with regular maintenance, owners can expect problems. That’s why we will highlight some of the most frequent problems linked to this transmission.

One of the most common issues that owners of vehicles that have 4R100 transmission system notice is the problems when they are shifting gears. The shifting is not smooth anymore. In addition, a similar problem appears when the system doesn’t shift gears in a proper way. For instance, you are trying to put it into reverse but it keeps coming back.

The main reason or this problem is issues with the DTR sensor. Experienced mechanics like Paul’s Transmission shop will check for the alignment. In addition, they will also check whether the overdrive light flashes or not and whether everything is alright with the CEL.

Although 4R100 model comes with a few innovative solutions, most of its components belong to the group of standard components for automatic heavy duty transmission system which means that all the problems that these transmissions usually face are present in this model too. So, you should not be surprised if the level of fluids in this transmission is low. This doesn’t mean that you should accept this fact and continue driving. On the contrary, you must visit the best transmission repair shop in Fort Lauderdale – Paul’s Transmission – and regulate the level of fluids. Of course, we will first check what the main reason for this problem is. Maybe the transmission is damaged and causes leaks or maybe the fluid has evaporated naturally. We have experience with any kind of situations and that’s why we can guarantee that your R4100 transmission problem will be completely solved in a timely manner.

We understand that the R4100 is used in trucks and heavy duty vehicles which are usually used by professionals which means that they need their vehicles repaired fast and that’s why we are doing our best to solve this problem as fast as possible. On top of that, we provide services at low prices.

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