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Ford E40D Transmission Repair Fort Lauderdale Fl

ford e40d transmission repair fort lauderdale flFord is one of the most famous American brands at least when it comes to the automotive industry. They are well-known for the huge range of vehicles they have in their offer, but what many people forget is that they also produce certain car parts like transmission systems for example. One of these systems is the Ford E40D transmission.

This is a 4-speed automatic transmission used in rear wheel drive medium and light pickup trucks. It works very similar to the Ford C6 transmission, but the latter solution is used in heavy duty trucks. It is good to mention that the E40D was replaced by 4R100 transmission. Many people have praised this transmission model for its durability, but the fact is that it is not invincible when we talk about problems.

If you are in a situation where your E40D transmission is broken or damaged or simply not providing its best performance, it is time to consult a professional in this field. If you are from Fort Lauderdale area you are lucky because this is where one of the best transmission repair shops in Florida is located. Paul’s Transmission is in this business for years and we are planning to stay here for many years to come. We are a repair shop that values honest work, professionalism and establishing long-term relationships with our clients. We are especially experienced when it comes to Ford transmission repair. We provide services for several Ford transmission models including the popular E40D model. Now let’s see what some of the problems that our clients usually have when they ask us to repair their E40D transmission.

First of all, there might be some problems with the clutch assemble that are affecting the transmission. This is usually happening when the vehicle can only go into reverse and no other gear. There are cases when the transmission must be replaced, so be prepared for that too.

What is interesting is that there are situations when vehicle owners experience completely opposite thing – their vehicles can’t go into reverse. It is very likely that the sensor known as Manual level position sensor is damaged. In some cases, it is the transmission range sensor that is causing problems like this. These tiny sensors can be testes and replaced only by mechanics that have knowledge, skills and training to perform such activities. Don’t hesitate to ask Paul’s Transmission repair shop for help.

Another common problem is fluid leaks and this is usually a visible problem because you can notice leaks of greasy fluid under the chassis. These leaks usually occur when the vehicle is inactive for a long period of time and if the transmission is used for many years and the vehicle has passed many miles. In any case, you must look for professional help. In addition to these problems E40D transmission must be repaired if you experience difficult 1-2 shift, stalling while in reverse and hard shifting especially when trying to shift into second.

Regardless of the problem you have with your E40D, contact Paul’s Transmission in Fort Lauderdale for professional help.

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