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LTC 1000 Transmission Repair Fort Lauderdale Fl

allison ltc 1000 transmissions fort lauderdale lfAre you looking for a LTC 1000 transmission specialist in Fort Lauderdale? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. Paul’s Transmission is a repair shop managed by a seasoned specialist in this field. The mechanics that are part of this team are experienced in almost any type of transmission repair and they have years of experience in repairing LTC 1000 transmission produced by Allison Transmission. So, if you are in need for a specialist that knows how to solve any problem with your LTC 1000 transmission, we advise contacting Paul’s Transmission. Before we share more details, we would like to point out a few things about the LTC 1000 transmission and the common problems related to this transmission.

To start with, the LTC 1000 transmission is an extremely heavy duty automatic transmission designed and manufactured by Allison Transmission. It is mostly used in the popular Duaramax diesel engine used by a huge number of Chevrolet and GMC truck models. In addition, LTC 1000 transmission is used in GM buses, motor homes and many heavy duty vehicles. There is no doubt that LTC 1000 is built to last, but just like any other product it is not resistant to damage. So, what kind of problems can owners expect?

For starters, The LTC 1000 Allison Transmission often has problems with the electrical parts. Truth to be told, it includes a huge number of electrical parts. Sensors, electrical solenoids, wire harness – these are some of the things found in this transmission. It is not unusual for solenoids to malfunction because of internal shorts or damages in the internal wiring. Needless to say, sensors can fail because of a myriad of reasons. For instance increased temperature in this area can completely destroy them. On the other hand, the wire harness is usually damaged due to aging and driving conditions.

Another reason why TLC 1000 transmission problems occur is overheating. Some people might think that the manufacturer of this transmission system can be blamed for situations like this, but that’s wrong. The fact is that both Allison Transmission and vehicle manufacturers provide strict rules and regulations about the use of this transmission. You should not use it for very heavy loads. This practice will lead to excessive stress in the transmission and eventually to damages that must be repaired as soon as possible in order to avoid additional damage.

Next, many LTC 1000 transmission systems break because they are not properly maintained. If you want to avoid situations like this, visit the mechanic shop regularly. We will once again emphasize the fact that this is a mechanical part that must be checked and maintained every once in a while. Finally, using deep pans, fluid upgrades and oil coolers can improve the condition of the transmission systems.

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