Manual Transmission FAQ

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Q. My Engine revs up when I’m going up a hill or shifting in to 5th gear and it smells awful when I come to the next stop light. It doesn’t like to go up a hill.


A. If the cable is not misadjusted, specifically too tight, you more then likely need a clutch. If you have the right tools, some jack stands, a jack, and a manual have at it. It will be a good project for you. If you’re not inclined call us.


Q. I’m’ having a problem with my clutch. The clutch pedal just went all the way down to the floor.


A. Check the fluid level in your clutch system. It is normally under the hood just above the driver’s feet. If it’s low check the clutch master cylinder and clutch slave cylinder and see if they are leaking. If one of them is, replace the cylinder and bleed the system to remove any air trapped in the cylinders and lines. You may need a professional if you are not able to get the pedal to feel right. Bleeding “getting the air out of the system” is difficult in some cases.


Q. I’m hearing a noise. I think it’s coming from the transmission. When I step on the clutch it goes away. It’s pretty loud in neutral, first and second. It gets quieter in fourth.


A. If your noise goes away when you step on the clutch and returns when you let the clutch out in neutral, along with going away in fourth gear you are listening to the noise from a bad input bearing and or bad input and counter gears in your transmission. Check the fluid level or change it. You will probably need to have it repaired it or replaced.


Q. My clutch pedal got real soft and felt funny. What happened?


A. First check the fluid in the reservoir. If it’s low check the clutch master cylinder, clutch slave cylinder and line connecting them to see if they are leaking. Replace the cylinder that is leaking or the line and bleed the system to remove any air trapped in the cylinders and lines. If the fluid level is ok you may have some air your clutch hydraulic system.


Q. My car will pop out of second gear when I start slowing down. Sometimes if I shift to 2nd really quick it grinds. Also, reverse can be a pain to get in to. Sometimes I have to try 5 or 6 times just to get it in to gear.


A. Before I say what I think please take your car out for a drive and perform one simple test, speed up to about 35 MPH and try shifting the transmission through all the forward gears only, “NOT REVERSE”. First gear will normally be a little harder than the others but you should be able to get it into gear, all the others should engage smoothly. If any of them are difficult to engage the transmission synchronizers and or sliders are more than likely bad. All the signs point toward needing your transmission rebuilt.