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Know the Signs of a Transmission Going Bad, Before it is Too Late

Pay Attention to the Hints from Your Car!



1. Loss of transmission fluid.
2. Discoloration of fluid.
3. Fluid has a “burnt” smell.
4. Sticky dipstick, with a “varnish” buildup.
5. Leaking fluid.  Spots on the ground under       the car may indicate bad seals.
6. “Morning-sickness.”  Car won’t shift during      the first few minutes of operation.

7. Slipping.  The engine races, but the car

     doesn’t respond.
8. Shifting too soon.
9. Shifting too late.

10. No power when you depress the gas

11. Noise when transmission shifts gears.
12. Gears won’t hold firm.  Car backs up or goes forward in Park; or won’t

      hold in Park.
13. Absence of normal braking effect of being in gear: “neutral feeling” in driving



You should also be alerted to the sound that may indicate a problem with the transmission:


1. Loud whine over 25 mph.
2. Low wine in all gears, including Neutral and Park.
3. Clicking, buzzing, or whistling sound.
4. A rumbling sound while in gear.
5. A ‘clunking’ sound when transmission is put in drive or reverse.


If you notice any of these symptoms take your car to Paul’s Transmission without delay!